Computer Desktop Transformation Project

I will always leave the desktop as what it is: a computer, a keyboard, a mouse, and all the rest. Sometimes more disorderly, tidy it up when I am in a good mood, then it resumes, which is repeated. Until today, I am sponsored with a desktop computer set and determined to transform my desktop.

What is a desktop computer system?

The desktop is the main screen area that you see after you turn on your computer and log in to Windows. Like the top of an actual desk, it serves as a surface for your work.

The whole computer desktop system is composed of a lift computer desk, monitor heightens frame, computer, and other accessories, the transformation principle is conciseness, wireless, intelligence. I will be more productive if comfortable with the desktop condition.

Computer Desk

Let's start with the computer desk, which was renovated last year and assembled by myself. It is cheaper than a branded electric lifting table, solid wood material is environment-friendly with a better texture. A bit of crack from the summer heat is the downside, though, which is not as functional or aesthetically pleasing as current lift tables that incorporate docking ports, power sockets, and control panels.


Currently, I own a 27-inch iMac 2020 with an Intel chip and a self-replaced 32GB memory, which can meet the needs of daily photo editing. I chose Apple for its ecosystem and am accustomed to its ecosystem after six years of MacBook Pro, it works seamlessly with iPhone and iPad.

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IQUNIX M80 Cat Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard

A cute cat mechanical keyboard with orange and white color, keycap is designed with lovely cat head shape, soft keyboard above two cat ears will make you ease when touching them, even the direction keys are designed with a cat's favorite little fish pattern. The whole keyboard is lovey with these cute designs. Keycap adopts a white backlight, which won’t be dazzling during the night and complement well with a cat theme, you can imagine it is not a good fit with an RGB backlight.

The keyboard supports Bluetooth 5.0 and wired Type-C dual-mode connection, which can store and record three devices that can be switched by FN+1/2/3 keys, iMac, MacBook Pro, and iPad are all compatible. The package also comes with 4 MAC keycaps. After replacing the keycap, long-pressing FN+TAB to switch to MAC layout. Various shortcut keys are the same as the MacBook keyboard, it is comfortable and gets used to it quickly.

The keyboard is crisp and neat with light pressure when it comes to typing experience, which is different from the Logitech MX KEYS I used before. However, the sound is also a little loud which is common for a mechanical keyboard, typing in the evening will be considered for fear of disturbing other families.

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Belkin 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock

It is the first wireless charger certified by Apple's official Made For MagSafe. The wireless quick charge power is up to 15W. it is easy to charge quickly with the MagSafe magnetic suction module.

There is also a wireless charging pad in the socket of the charger's base, which has 5W power and can charge AirPods and other QI-compliant wireless devices because of its 2-in-1 design. 40W power adapter is standard and connected to charging base through DC interface, with anti-pull design, there is no worries about falling off and insufficient charging power, but I feel it would be better to use Type-C.

The wireless charger provides two colors: white and black, what I have owned is the white model whose base and pad are white, the middle is a stainless steel column, at the top of the Magsafe desk charger uses the ski-similar texture, the tilting design makes it convenient for face unlock and a mobile phone in charge at the same time, a weighted base provides stability. The whole charging pad is simple and styles with a good look, which is a perfect item for desktop transformation.

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DOCKCASE 6-in-1 High-speed Smart Dock

DOCKCASE high-speed Intelligent Type-c docking station is a 6 in 1 intelligent docking station. It has a solid zinc alloy case, a front toughened glass, and a smart screen in the middle that shows transmission speed, charging power, resolution, temperature, and more. It's very powerful.

The expansion dock has 6 ports including USB-C, PD, HDMI, and USB-A*3. The host port adopts 3.2 Gen2 transmission protocol and provides a maximum interface rate of 10Gbps. The rate of each extended USB port is 5Gbps, and the PD port supports a maximum power supply input of 100W. HDMI interface supports up to 4K 60Hz HDR10 resolution, which is perfect for iMac, Macbook, iPad, and other Type-C terminals. It can be used for external USB disks, mobile hard disks, peripherals, monitors, and other devices.

In addition, DOCKCASE provides 6 in 1, 7 in 1, 8 in 1, and 9 in 1 expansion dock models for user needs, which can be selected according to needs. However, the connection cable of this 6 in 1 expansion dock is still a little short and cannot be replaced, so it is not very convenient for iMac. It is expected that manufacturers can optimize it in the future.

Muzen XOG Mechanical Optical CUBE Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Compared with the past Muzen radio, as well as Muzen Wood Speakers given by a friend, the Muzen XOG Mechanical Mechanical Speaker model is completely different with a cyberpunk feel. First of all, the size of the package is much bigger than I imagined. When I opened it, I found that it was a display table with various light effects and a Type-c charging interface. It was also very hardcore on the desktop.

The speaker is more unexpected, white coating plus metal shell, it is weighted that makes it a quality item, Although small in size, it has strong sound penetration. On the top includes all function buttons: speaker switch, flashlight, Bluetooth connection, volume adjustment, play/pause, track switch, light effect, it also has IPX5 waterproof rating and Type-c charging interface.

In terms of functions, it is not only a Bluetooth speaker but also a mobile phone App that can play radio or network stations from all over the country. It has a multi-functional flashlight and SOS mode that is suitable for survival in the wilderness.

As a cyberpunk speaker with rich lighting effects, its default streaming gradient mode can also be switched to monochrome breathing gradient or ice blue light that will be always on. When playing music, it becomes the most beautiful item. And one of my favorites is the fidget spinner outside the speaker to relieve stress when you're fidgeting and anxious.

Other Cool Gadgets

Besides, there are Mijia Smart Alarm clock, Yeelight color light strip, Mijia Display lamp 1S, Gosund Smart plug, Aqara TVOC Health Companion, Rubik's Cube controller, body sensor, etc.

Intelligent linkage

I installed Aqara body sensor at the bottom of the desk, and there is a setting in Mijia App: Turn on the display hanging light and color light belt when someone moves and the brightness is dark so that when I sit beside the desk table, it will automatically turn on the display hanging light and color light belt.

Rubik's Cube controller in the Aqara Magic Cube control kit is also used in my study room. It has a variety of trigger methods such as 90-degree turn,180-degree turn, shaking, flat spin, tapping twice, and nudging, which are most suitable for intelligent scenes. A light to turn on the hanging light and the color light belt is, turn 180 degrees to turn off the light belt and delay the hanging light off, above modes are activated.

when leaving the study, It only needs to turn the Rubik's cube 180 degrees and turn off the display hanging light, and ceiling light.

Aqara TVOC air health companion is placed on the desktop to monitor TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) concentration in the study room in real-time and links with the fresh air system to ensure indoor air quality.


It is my desktop transformation process, what do you think? After the transformation is finished, I will spend more time in the study and keep in a good mood even nothing to do.

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