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Does Nothing Ear 1 Earbuds Worth it?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

At the end of July this year, the new British brand Nothing released the company’s first product Ear (1). Although it is also a common Bluetooth headset product on the market, its unique appearance, high-end features, and affordable combination still attract a lot of attention. But can the price of US$99 really support high-end features such as active noise cancellation, transparent mode, and wireless charging? Does supporting IPX4 waterproof rating mean that you can wear this pair of headphones to exercise? I will answer these questions one by one in this article.


When you receive the headphones, you need to "tear" their outer packaging. Yes, it is not the wrapping paper, but the outer packaging. After tearing it, it cannot go back to its original state, so don't forget to take a photo of it before opening the box. I took a picture as a memory.

After opening the outer packaging, you will see a silver inner box inside. Unbox it, you’ll find the beautiful ear (1) is lying quietly inside.

In addition to the headset body and the charging box, the package also includes an instruction manual, a warranty, USB cables, and two large and two small earplugs, which can be replaced according to the needs of the user.

Nothing ear (1) design

Seeing this pair of earphones, you will definitely find its difference. It is not only that the top cover of the charging case is completely transparent, but also the body of the earphones. This is because the company's goal is to break down the barriers between humans and technology, that is, to present technology as truthfully as possible to customers, instead of hiding the technology itself with a beautiful shell.

And such persistence not only conveyed the company's philosophy but also became the most eye-catching appearance of the same type of products on the market.

Wearing comfort

After changing into a suitable earplug set, the next thing to talk about is the part of wearing comfort. Since the weight of the earphone itself is very light and it is an in-ear design, there is basically no problem of falling out easily, and the comfort is quite good. After strenuous exercise, it never slipped from my ears.

If you wear it for a long time (about 2 hours), you will still feel a little discomfort. Of course, these conditions are different from person to person. Here I will only talk about my personal feelings.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the ear (1) is not its strength, but it is not its weakness either. It can only be said that the first time I used ear (1) to listen to a song, it didn't make me feel amazed, but I didn't feel sorry for its price. The voice of the phone call is clear and the connection is stable. It is worth mentioning that it can separate the speaker's voice from the background sound, and the dialogue can be clearly heard even in windy conditions.

Active noise cancellation

When it comes to sound quality, we have to talk about its noise cancellation. The ear (1) is equipped with active noise cancellation. It is officially claimed that the noise cancellation amplitude is 40 decibels, which is even better than high-end headphones. Although it can be felt in the actual experience, it cannot turn an extremely noisy background into an extremely quiet environment. It can at most eliminate noise to an acceptable level.

Transparent mode

In addition to noise cancellation, it also has a transparent mode, which allows you to hear outside sounds more clearly. The performance in this area is quite good. And the switching of noise cancellation and transparency modes can be completed by holding the headset gestures, which is quite convenient.

Gesture operation

Since gestures are mentioned, let's talk about their complete gesture operation. ear (1) supports 4 gesture operations, among which the two gestures of tapping three times, pressing, and holding the earphone can be customized by the user. And double-tap to pause and play the media; swipe up or down to adjust the volume.


The battery life of ear (1) is up to 5.7 hours, and there are still 4 hours after the active noise cancellation is turned on, and it can be used for up to 34 hours with the charging box, which is absolutely no problem for general commuting. And the charging box supports wireless charging, which is relatively rare at the same price. You can use it with any Qi wireless charging panel, of course, Apple’s wireless charging panel can also support this.

Although these are the main functions that I want to discuss, ear (1) is more than that. In particular, I need to talk about its "wearing detection" function. This function allows you to automatically stop playing when you take it off. The music is played automatically when you wear it; In addition, there is a "find earphone" function, which helps you find the earphone by making a sound when you don’t know where it is, it’s not particularly loud, Therefore, don't leave the earphones is a better choice.

In conclusion

Although the noise cancellation function is not ideal, Nothing has successfully added wireless charging, noise cancellation, and transparent mode to the earphones, while maintaining good sound quality and affordable prices, not to mention its excellent design cannot be bought at a higher price range, Therefore, among all the $99 Bluetooth headphones, you must not ignore the ear (1) option.

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