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Factors should be considered when selecting a pet water dispenser

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

No matter how various the functions are, the most important factors that affect the Automatic Pet Water Dispenser are noise, filtration, the difficulty of cleaning, and anti-vandalism material.

An automatic pet water dispenser only provides pets with a large volume of flowing water, softens the water quality, filters impurities, and improves water quality. Make it easier for the shovel officer to supply water. However, no matter what kind of water dispenser, if it is not replaced or cleaned for a long time, a large number of bacteria will grow, which not only affects the pet's willingness to drink but also affects its health. It is recommended to change the water once a week and clean the water dispenser once every two weeks.

Description of Evaluation Factors:

1. Noise: If your pets live in a noisy room, and noise is the main factor! Noise will affect the quality of sleep and even cause insomnia. It is reported that a product with a measurement value of 70 dB or above will produce obvious noise in actual use.

2. an ,,firstilter and filtering effect: filtering has a great influence on water quality: filtering impurities and softening water quality. The larger the filter area under the same material, the higher the filtration efficiency. In addition, the tightness between the filter and the filter disc is important, if the gap is large, water will directly flow away from the gap and impurities cannot be filtered. Currently, the mainstream filter inside automatic Pet dispenser is provided with a filter disc because of a relatively mature technology and supply chain.

3. Difficulty in cleaning: Easy-to-clean pet water fountain saves trouble and avoids the growth of bacteria. The simpler the structure of the water dispenser is, the higher the degree of integration is, and the easier it is to clean.

4. Anti-damage material: If your pet is lively and naughty, an automatic pet waterer must be resistant to production. The most important thing is to prevent biting the wire and the connection port from pulling off. Small pet water dispensers, such as sinks, prevent cats and puppies from tearing off their covers.

5.Filter price: It is recommended to replace the filter once a month. Use boiling water when washing. It may take about 1-2 months depending on the situation. It is suggested to choose filters wisely rather than high price brands because it consumes a lot.

6.Factors not included: Heating and constant temperature function, necessary temperature changes and uncertain factors are very important for the improvement of dogs and cats' resistance and tolerance.

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