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iRobot Roomba 960 Reviews

iRobot outer cardboard box provides shock absorption inside, also includes Roomba portable carton box. The overall protection is quite nice, it’s Roomba 960 Vacuum and accessories after opening it.

The advantage of iRobot Roomba960

Compared with Roomba 600, its suction power is enhanced that is 5 times the suction power, which is more effective for cleaning the ground.

• Automatically monitor the frequently cleaned areas in the house and give extra cleaning

• Plan the cleaning route for the entire home, including underneath-the-furniture areas allowing for Roomba to clean.

• Roomba 960 can absorb various allergens, hair, and even pollen as small as 10 microns, which not only keeps the home as clean as new but also protects the health of the family.

What's in the box:

• Roomba's Home (Home Base)

• iRobot Roomba

• A box of accessories

• Manual warranty card

Roomba’s Appearance

The mirror shell is super cool with a fancy dark gray, and the edge is a brushed metal design for wear resistance and collision prevention. The buttons are simple to understand and easy to use. It is equipped with a camera to plan the cleaning route and make the robot's route clearer.

The wheels of the robot are extremely non-slip, large wheels with rubbers provide strong friction, which makes it easy to overcome obstacles.

Accessories included:

• Virtual obstacle avoidance

• Battery for obstacle avoidance

• Filter replacement

• Brush head replacement

•Charging Cable

(Home Base) where Roomba is placed

• It is required to be placed in an open and tidy area. Leave a space of at least 1.5 feet (0.5 meters) on both sides of the Home Base.

• Leave a space of at least 4feet (1.2m) in front of the Home Base and keep a distance of at least 4feet (1.2m) from the stairs.

• Home base must be at least 8 feet (2.4 meters) away from Virtual Wall Barriers.

Follow the instructions to link Roomba with the mobile APP and you are ready to use it!

Fast charging: Because there is still some virtual power in the Roomba, I can start the trial directly, and normally if the power is drained, just let it charge for 3 hours to restart with full energy! The working time can be up to 75 minutes!

Effective work: If Roomba finishes the cleaning work and returns its home base smoothly, it will play melodious music to tell the owner that it has completed the task well. But if it runs out of power before it finishes the work, it will first go back to recharge itself and then automatically return to the area where it hasn't finished working after it is fully charged to avoid repeated ineffective cleaning. Isn't it very smart! !!

Convenient tracking: The owner can check its working status on the app at any time.

Easy to control: The owner can pause or resume the cleaning task at any time through the App or the button on Roomba, or manually control it to go home.

Smart cleaning: If Roomba detects that an area is dirty, then it will automatically start to focus on cleaning until it thinks it is clean. At this point, you will see the "Dirt Detection" indicator light up. If you want to clean a small area manually, you can place Roomba in the area to be cleaned, press the SPOT button on the machine, and Roomba will clean the area within one meter in diameter.

Set up virtual barriers (Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers)

If the owner only wants to clean the area other than the kitchen, then you can ask for a virtual barrier at this time. This function is especially suitable for open kitchens/spaces. Just place it in a position where you want to avoid cleaning, and an invisible wall is set up.

Roomba detects the invisible wall and plans another route. Similarly, circular/semi-circular areas can also be set to prevent some small objects from being knocked over, such as pet food bowls and water basins.

Very sweet! A battery for virtual obstacle avoidance is provided in the Box of Roomba960. After you get the robot, you don't have to worry about not having a battery at home! You can use it when you receive it!

Cleaning test

Regarding the cleaning ability, I tested the wooden floor, tile floor, and small carpet respectively.

The wooden floor was dusted with flour for evaluation. The robot can clean it, and there will be residual flour in the very small gaps of the wooden board, which is very clean.

• On tiled floors, especially white tiles, the stains are very obvious. I deliberately poured some bread crumbs on the floor. There are still hair and some dust on it. It is not exaggerated to describe it as spotless after the sweeper has cleaned it! I feel like the floor is glowing!

• Because Roomba’s wheels are extremely frictional, cleaning carpets is as flat as walking on the floor, and hair on carpets with very uneven surfaces can also be cleaned! If it’s a large carpet, don’t worry about it. If it’s a small piece of carpet, if the carpet is lighter and thinner (for example, a stepping blanket in the bathroom), the edge of the carpet may be rolled up, but the robot will not get stuck and will continue to clean.

Why is Roomba960 worth buying?

• Strong cleaning power! The most basic function of the vacuum cleaner is that the cleaning must be in place. The remaining high technology is a bonus and is suitable for all kinds of floors. After the Roomba960 has been cleaned, it is obvious that the floor is brighter and there is no residue.

• No need for assistance, it is self-reliant! Roomba960 has very powerful obstacle avoidance and obstacle crossing functions. It will not get stuck in the line and cannot move forward. It will not find a home for a long time due to obstacles and not fall down the stairs. It is an independent good helper.

• The charging time is considerable. It only takes 3 hours to fully charge Roomba 960, and it is very cost-effective to exchange 3 hours for up to 75 minutes of working time!

• Smartphone operation, you can choose when you want the robot to clean the home, and it can be remotely controlled. Even when you are at work, you can let the robot work by itself. It is a high-tech benefit for humans!

• The dust box is easy to remove and clean, and the dust box has a large space, and the cleaning cycle can also be slightly extended, adding another reason to become even lazier for lazy persons.

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