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iWALK Mag-Safe Wireless Charger Review: one stick and it's fit, no anxiety in battery life

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

A forgettable person like me always takes a charger with me but often forgets the cable. So a wireless charger that supports fast charging is very important to me. Also, the phone itself is heavy already, I always prefer the portable and light design. I recently got the latest "iWALK MagSafe wireless charger", which really surprised me. I do recommend this as a gift to your friends who use the iPhone series.

I unboxed a white color, the black and white match is just perfect. I give the looking a 90 points. The size of the charger is 104×67×22mm, and the four sides are rounded to fit the palm of the hand, and the grip is still very good. However, this is not quite lightweight since It weighs almost 165g, which is equivalent to the weight of a phone, but the battery capacity also reaches 6000mAh, which is understandable.

The design of the iWALK charger is relatively clear. On the side of the mobile phone, the MagSafe magnetic adsorption section and two black Nano adsorption layers are respectively designed, and the hidden ring buckle is added in the middle of the back to pull the metal away. The ring is not only convenient for us to hold, but also can be used as a mobile phone holder. In addition, an LCD battery display screen helps us check the remaining battery more accurately, and it also makes this product very high-tech.

I think the design of the appearance is just a bonus, and the user experience is the core. In fact, I have used one wireless magnetic charger before, but there were two disadvantages. One is that the adsorption capacity is not strong; the other is that the phone and the charge both become hot when charging.

But the iWALK solved these two issues pretty well. The first is the adsorption capacity. This product not only provides MagSafe magnetic suction but also adds two stronger Nano magnetic suction. According to the data provided, the maximum suction power can reach 800g. As for the hot issues, iWALK charger has a built-in CPU intelligent temperature control chip, which can achieve temperature control, rapid cooling, and also can bring a higher conversion rate.

In addition, the Magsafe wireless charger is not just compatible with the iPhone 12 series, it can actually be used as long as your phone has a wireless charging function, we only need to attach a Mag's sticker, the iPhone 11 will be turned to the iPhone 12 in seconds.

So I will be using the iPhone 11 to test the actual charging speed. iWALK charger supports both wired and wireless. The wireless output power is 5W, 7.5W, 10W, 15W, which is compatible with Apple and Huawei. Most models such as Xiaomi, etc. are also compatible with wireless fast charging protocols.

In the actual test, the output power is pretty much in line with the official publicity, maybe a bit slower, but it does not affect user experience. Frankly speaking, the wireless fast charging speed of iWALK Clickabao wireless magnetic power bank is okay. The iPhone 11 itself supports 7.5W power. My initial power is 25%. I probably charge while playing, and the power can reach 40% in an hour. It's not particularly fast, but there is no problem in ensuring the daily battery life of the phone.

After a period of use, iWALK wireless charger is still quite satisfied. First of all, the appearance design is really high-value, especially with the addition of an LCD display for added value. Moreover, the super adsorption of 800g + ring buckle gives this product a lot of points. If you ask me to rate the iWALK charger, I think the appearance is 90 points, the user experience is about 85 points, the price I’ll give 90 points, and overall I give 88.3 points. It is good-looking digital good stuff worth trying!

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