Jabra Elite 7 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

As smartphones gradually reduce the use of 3.5mm audio interface, Bluetooth headphones gradually replace traditional wired headphones, which also makes the Bluetooth headphones market extremely hot in recent years. we've shared a lot of Bluetooth headsets with you in the past, but none of them are truly high-end.


Believe you are familiar with Jabra (Jabra) brand, after all, in 2000, it brought us the world's first Bluetooth headset. In addition, for the early car owners, Jabron's unilateral Bluetooth headset is also their best choice for driving!

As a company with 150 years of experience in acoustics, Jabra is the only audio earphone brand that combines medical hearing aid technology with commercial radio noise reduction technology, a true sense of the world's leading audio expert spanning three industries.

After a brief introduction to the Jabra, let's take a look at the Jabra Elite 7 Pro True Wireless earbuds configuration. In terms of accessories, these In Ear Bluetooth earbuds come with three sets of earplugs of different specifications and a Type-c charging cable. In addition, there is a product manual in multiple languages, which we will not show here.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro is available in titanium black, beige gold, and black. Jabra Elite 7 Pro is available in titanium black, beige gold, and black, and it is also available in a co-branded gift box. This one owned by the author is a titanium black version, which offers us the feeling of "low-key".

In terms of design, Jabra Elite 7 Pro true Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are ergonomic, which is a bit more detailed than other brands. Based on data, Jabar hearing lab has the most complete data model, namely 85000 hearing data modeling and 62000 3D human ear model scanning. with 18 important test points and DMDA data model deduction algorithm, it finally provides the most ergonomic design, so that users are provided a more comfortable and fitting wearing feeling.

In terms of details, the Jabra Elite 7 Pro true Wireless Bluetooth earbuds weigh just 54 gigabytes per ear, making it as light as nothing to wear; In addition to its lightweight body, it also contains many black technologies, such as its silver shell that supports the functions of tapping and cutting songs. It should be noted that we do not need to "memorize" its key functions because these functions can be customized in the App.

In terms of driver unit configuration, Jabra Elite 7 Pro true Wireless Bluetooth earbuds is equipped with a 6mm customized driver unit, supports a frequency response range of 20hz-20khz, SBC&AAC audio decoding, and active noise reduction. Jabra Elite 7 Pro is a wireless Bluetooth earbuds that supports MultiSensor Voice. Namely 2VPU (double bone conduction VPU), 4MIC (4 microphones combined with double beamforming technology), AI (AI intelligent recognition function), you can feel how strong Jabra call technology from its configuration.

Actual Experience

With a brief knowledge of Jabra Elite 7 Pro true Wireless Bluetooth earbuds, let's check how it performs in real life. We need to download a specialized App firstly. after installation and the device is successfully connected, we can set the earbuds based on our preferences, such as noise reduction, side listening, soundscape, and so on.

Here, we can also set the name of the earphone, customize the audio mode, check the fit between the earphone and ears, etc. Here, I also want to mention a special function that is the earphone location search, if you have lost earbuds before, then it will help you.

But we need to pay attention to that loss function is not a real-time search, it remembers the location of the equipment when the mobile phone is disconnected if your earbuds are stolen, it provides an accurate location of loss, for loss, it is possible that we still can find our earbuds.

As for connection mode, Jabra Elite 7 Pro true Wireless Bluetooth earbuds supports dual phone connection and adopts the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connection protocol, which has the advantage of stable connection, low latency, low power consumption, and anti-interference. For a more comprehensive and accurate performance test, we have carried out tests in several scenes.


we've also tested it on plenty of games, and we think the ones that are picky about headphones are definitely "Peace Elite" and "QQ Flying Car." among them, Peace Elite has a high requirement to the headset delay performance for which we have made a simple test, we find a submachine gun in the training ground, and then shoot perpendicularly to the ground, the earbuds are placed on another mobile phone earpiece with recording opened, with the help of timing of the recording software, we compared the sound of our tapping the screen and the sound of the earbuds gunshot, the time difference is the delay time of Jabra Elite 7 Pro, the result obtained by the author in the test (60ms) is quite satisfactory!

Jabra Elite 7 Pro true wireless Bluetooth earbuds are impressive for booming music, especially in a complicated environment, such as a jet accelerates, the car drifts with background music, the earbuds do a good job in separating for a clearer sound.


The final test is voice calls. Jabra Elite 7 Pro true Wireless Bluetooth earbuds support level 5 adjustable active noise cancellation, which separates what we hear from ambient sounds, and level-5 adjustable transparency mode, which allows us to hear some of the ambient sounds. It clarifies that the true wireless Bluetooth is quite strong in the "listen" performance.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro Bluetooth wireless earbuds provide four microphone position that has 24 0.3 aperture molecular laser-carved microphone hole, which is designed for preventing wind noise, and transmitting our voice more clearly and accurately.

We conducted tests in railway stations, subway stations, and supermarkets respectively. There was no lag when talking with friends on the phone, and the sound transmission effect was clear and accurate.

It is believed that we must be concerned about the performance of battery life in this era of "electricity anxiety". In the beginning, Jabra Elite 7 Pro true Wireless Bluetooth earbuds support Qi wireless charging in addition to the regular Type-C charging. The headphones have a stand-by capacity of 292 days. With the noise reduction function turned on, it will last 30 hours. Judging from this data alone, there is no problem meeting our daily needs. In addition, in terms of charging time, these earbuds can be charged for 1 hour after 5 minutes and can be charged to 50% after 30 minutes. It is proven that Jabra Elite 7 Pro true wireless Bluetooth earbuds can truly achieve super battery life, refusing to be anxious about power consumption.


There's a lot we haven't covered about Jabra Elite 7 Pro's true wireless Bluetooth earbuds, such as IP57 waterproof; multi-device sharing; protecting hearing with maximum decibel protection, and so on! We just selected some important content to share with users. If you're looking for high-end true Wireless Bluetooth earbuds, we think Jabra Elite 7 Pro is the best and not a deal-breaker!

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