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JBL CLIP3 wireless speaker review

Translucent packaging design provides a view of the color and appearance of the product, and the JBL logo on the upper left indicates its pure musical pedigree. The white pattern in the middle emphasizes the integrated carabiner buckle of the upgraded JBL CLIP3.

The package back explains the three most significant improvements of this new product, "10 hours of continuous playback"; "IPX7 waterproof rating"; "speakerphone". These functions will be described in more detail later.

As for the additional accessories, there is only one cable and a few manuals.

Appearance configuration part

JBL CLIP3 Speaker still follows the tradition of the circular shape of the CLIP series. There are 10 new colors are available for selection, which fully fits its position: young and fashion.

The front part of JBL CLIP3 is seamlessly connected to the speaker. The mesh structure was thought to be metal at first, if you look a little closer, it turned out to be a durable fiber material that is similar to nylon. The overall workmanship of the speaker is fine, 10-cm diameter provides a just-right gripping, controlling it with one hand is not difficult.

The most conspicuous part in the front is the three-volume control buttons which are located in the upper. Different from ordinary buttons, prominent buttons add a rugged texture, the volume adjustment, and playback buttons can be perceived even you adjust them without looking.

Most parts of the speaker are wrapped by frosted silicone, and there is a transparent silicone pad on the back that is similar to a non-slip pad as the bottom. The switch button and Bluetooth button are arranged on the side. The part with the CLIP3 logo printed on the side bottom can be opened as a data interface. It seals well as a hidden interface. An audio input socket and a charging port are also included. Regardless of the power button and Bluetooth layout, or the cancellation of the second-generation audio input cable, all of these make a more concise model that ingeniously saves some space.

The improved integrated carabiner buckle on the top is more sturdy and durable than before. Although CLIP3 itself is compact, the hook design greatly improves its portability, whether it is hung on the waist or a backpack, it’s rather attractive. When traveling or exercising outdoors, you can share music with your fellows anytime and anywhere.

Actual testing part

After talking about the appearance and functional characteristics, of an audio device, let’s take a look at the soft power of CLIP3, which is more important to everyone-sound quality performance. Here we take the most commonly used Bluetooth connection method and play mobile music as an example for testing. , It is also worth mentioning that CLIP3 supports Bluetooth 4.1 streaming function, which realizes wireless transmission of audio content between devices.

The Bluetooth connection is simple. Take iPhone as an example. Turn on the Bluetooth on the phone, press the Bluetooth button on the CLIP3, and an indicator light will flash blue, then it will be connected to the phone. CLIP3 also supports Bluetooth connections. As a phone call speaker function, it has a built-in noise and echoes cancellation technology. Even in a noisy environment, you can enjoy a smooth, clear call experience with just one press.

we like music with bright rhythm and melody and prefer midrange and heavy bass performance. These music types are also the best to review the sound quality. We feel like the CLIP3 sounds relatively clear in the mid-range part, and some fast-paced tracks are also very well-performed. The sound is strong and natural, the bass is more surging than the previous generation JBL CLIP2, and the separation is also pretty good. Moreover, CLIP3 adds a double bass booster and full-range speakers, compared with the previous generation, there is an unexpected performance of heavy bass, but it is still inferior in the width of the treble. The sound quality of CLIP3 stands out among products in the price range.

There is no worry about the battery at all while enjoying music, CLIP3 has also been greatly improved in terms of battery life. Because of a built-in 1000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you can get 10 hours of playing time with 3 hours of charging. Compared to the previous generation, the battery life has increased by about 25%.

Water-proof test

Thanks to the waterproof fabric material and durable rubber shell, JBL CLIP3 has also reached IPX7 of waterproof rating, which meets all kinds of needs in complicated weather.


With a growing demand for music sharing anytime and anywhere, there will always be a market if there is demand. In recent years, the number of portable Bluetooth speakers has gradually increased, and JBL has made accurate marketing since the first CLIP generation, it aims to provide products with a combination of fashion, portability, and sturdiness. Apart from its portability and Bluetooth connection, the newly-launched JBL CLIP3 adds waterproof and speakerphone capabilities. JBL CLIP3 is becoming more mature. Among other competitors, it has also become a leader in the portable Bluetooth speakers market.

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