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Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker, Keys Finder Review

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

The longest distance in the world, it’s the thing that is right in front of you but you can’t find it.

Of all the items that can't be found on a daily basis, the worst is the key. It doesn’t matter if you don’t take your mobile or wallet, you can’t even get out of the house if you can’t find the key.

It looks like this after unboxing the Tile Mate package: key tracker, instructions, and warranty card. The size of Tile Mate is 3.4cm and the thickness is less than 5mm. It is super suitable for attachment to keys, suitcases, or backpacks. The front is white with a silver round button in the middle. The back is light gray with a small speaker hole.

Function Test

Naturally, the primary function of Tile Mate is to let people find keys that are bound to it through the mobile phone.

The working principle is that when the Bluetooth is connected, activate the Tile Mate with a phone, and the approximate location of an item can be displayed on the app.

When your room is messy and it is urgent to find something, at this time, sound-producing equipment is indeed necessary.

Indoor Positioning

Indoor positioning mainly depends on the sound. The volume made by Tile Mate is 88 decibels. Here is what happens:

Any position in the same room, the sound can be heard without any problems, also can be heard clearly even it’s in the next-door room. If you put it downstairs, with the door closed and the air conditioner blowing, it cannot be heard anymore. Don’t worry, it also indicates that it is not in your room and must be somewhere else, open the door and the sound resumes, the sound won’t stop until you press the “Done” button.

Outdoor positioning

It is not enough that outdoor positioning mainly relies on sound, especially in a noisy place, a map should be considered additionally. Therefore, to find something outdoors, you need to roughly determine the range firstly, and then cooperate with the sound. As for the Bluetooth positioning function,the range is limited. The positioning appears to lose after about 34 steps away. You can select "Notify me when finding" after you lose the location, so you will be notified when connected.

Tile Mate can also be used to find the phone in the reverse direction. Double-click the round button on the Tile Mate, and the phone will play the preset ringtones of the Tile Mate. Of course, without it, Apple's own Find my iPhone function can also locate the phone and make a sound. It just needs to be logged in and verified. If you use Tile Mate, you only need to press it twice, which is very convenient, provided that your phone has electricity...

There are six types of Tile Mate ringtones to choose from, The sound quality and the recognition are relatively high.

Tile Mate does not support battery replacement. In normal use, it is officially guaranteed that it can be used for at least one year without worrying about running out of power. After the battery is exhausted, you can buy a new one from the official website at a 40% discount.


Tile Mate deserves to be a key finder expert, As a clumsy person who throws keys around, I need this so much, such a lifesaver. I do recommend this for elder people with poor memory or eyesight for its convenience and easy set-up, Tile Mate will also be a very considerate and thoughtful gift.

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